Pick Up

Good Morning


A reminder that today is the day to pick up report cards and year books. Please remember to have a sign wth your last name so we can get your materials in a timely manner.  The pick up is from 9-12, you will have to enter off Broadway due to construction.  See you soon!

Thank You!

Thank you for entrusting your children to me this year.  It has been a wonderful year!!  I have absolutely LOVED getting to know the kids this year.  Thank you for coming out to my house on Friday, it was so wonderful to see everyone and say a proper goodbye.  Thank you for the incredibly generous gifts, and lovely cards.  You all blessed me in so many ways this year.  Have a wonderful and well deserved summer holiday!!

Open House

I sent out an email with my address, please let me know if you did not receive it.  Also could you please send me an email with an approximate time you will be dropping by so as to ensure that we are not too large in numbers.  I want to be sure to keep everyone safe and healthy.

This weeks work

The only thing I will have the students do this week is listen to the chapters from James and the Giant Peach, and complete the optional memory book.  If you need a hard copy of the memory book let me know and I will print one out for you and you can pick it up at the school.  Have an awesome last week of school!!!


EOY Memory Book 2019-2020


Supplies that need to be returned

-Mouse and Motorcycle novel

-white board and marker

-any rap kids books you have

*I have seen most of the work your child has done during our meetings and have done a lot of assessment during that time so you can keep everything that they have completed at home.




It feels so strange to say that the last week of school is upon is.  It has been a memorable year.  I would like to end the year on a positive, somewhat normal feeling.  I am going to be having an open house at my house for families to drop in and visit, share an ice cream, and say a proper good bye in person.  It will be next Friday, June 19th from 9-3.  You can drop in any time between 9 and 3.  Siblings are welcome!  I hope to see all of you.  I will email out my address.

Next week the work load is going to be very minimal.  I will need a picture of the new self reflection, and I have a memory book for the students to complete if they would like.  The end of the year came so quickly, we were unable to finish the animal reports.  This would be a good summer activity if the students are interested.

I have duotangs and scrap books at the school that need to go home.  If you are passing by the school and are able to stop in I would love to hand those out.  If your child has returned to school then they will bring home the duotangs and scrap books.


Hi Parents

Please have your child complete this self reflection and email it back to me.  This will be going in their report cards.  if your child has come back to school they will complete it in class.  Let me know if you have any questions.



If your child is not coming back to school and would still like to have meetings please let me know via email.  The times I have available are listed below:


Tuesday 8-10

Wednesday 8-9 or 1:40-3:00

Thursday 8-9